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Nigeria National Elections 2023

Nigeria National Elections 2023

Nigeria National Elections 2023, explore live update on what’s happening in Nigeria, as Nigerians decide their future, and leadership. The results shown here are from the INEC National Collation Center Updates in FCT Abuja, Nigeria.

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Data Storytelling

Total Vote Counts

Number of States Won by Major Parties

Number of States Won by Political Parties in Geopolitical Zones

States Won by Political Party

Data Table Results

Critical Challenges Faced in Nigeria Elections 2023

The 2023 Presidential election was not appropriately conducted with INEC not keeping to it’s earlier stated procedures for the conducting the Nigerian elections 2023. Some may say INEC Chairman is compromised, maybe he has taken a bribe or he is just emotionally attach to the APC political party.

As observed from data on the internet, especially Twitter and International election observers resource materials, some of the challenges experienced include;

  • INEC Server was inaccessible for direct upload of results from polling units for observers and electorates to monitor the result in real-time, like in every other advanced country.
  • Voters suppression at polling units, especially on the opposition parties of APC. There were even tribal suppression, especially of the Igbos tribe in Nigeria
  • Rigging of elections results were done by changing ballot counted figures that were originally written on the EC8 forms to totally different result counts.
  • Ballot boxes and polling unit destruction by thugs, in an organized and target manner as directed by their political criminal barons.
  • The police and army either stood aside or protected thugs while the carried orders of ballot box destruction, seizure and burning of ballot papers.

All the Nigerian poor masses needed was a free and fair elections, as promised by the INEC Chairman, but he and his colleagues failed. They failed Nigerians and selected a Presidential candidate who was not accepted by the masses, and who was no capable of winning in a free and fair elections.

Injustice and unfairness breeds bad governments and chaos, the people of Nigeria worry that a civil protest or civil war may ensue in time to come, as injustice continues in the Nation. The opposing parties have decided to go to court, but the people doubt if there is any justice in Nigerian courts.

Nigeria National Elections 2023

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Air Pollution in Port-Harcourt Nigeria

Air Pollution in Port-Harcourt

Air pollution in Port-Harcourt has been extremely terrible, this hazard of poisoning the air in Port-Harcourt has been happening for over 8 years now. The particulate matter(PM) values, PM 2.5 (<2.5 μm) & PM 10 (<10 μm) values has been far above the required WHO standards of 5 μg/m3. The air quality monitor readings from Port-Harcourt city in Nigeria is at an average concentration of 63.1µg/m³, with US AQI of 155. The results from air quality monitoring in Port-Harcourt city are greater than Ten times (x10) the acceptable limits for human inhalation as required by WHO.

Air Quality Index for Port Harcourt

Air Pollution in Port-Harcourt Nigeria
Man seen pouring crude oil directly into the fire, to increase the boilers fire (open air furnace above)

How to Protect Against Air Pollution

The best ways to survive the hazards of high levels of air pollution is by doing the following;

  1. Wear a face mask when outdoors
  2. Close your windows when indoors
  3. Put your air conditioning to only internal air circulation when indoors
  4. Use air purifiers for cleaning indoor air

Health Effects of Poor Air Quality

The are multiple effects of poor air quality which may finally lead to heart attacks and strokes. Depending on the concentration of specific air pollutants in the environment, some of the know effects are;

  • Increased deaths from heart disease, cardiovascular disease including myocardial infarction, stroke, and lung diseases[5].
  • Higher chances of Mycardial infarction (heart attack).
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Pollution particles can pass through the olfactory bulb and get directly into the brain, causing inflammation [4].

Effects of Poor Air Quality to Unborn Children

Prenatal exposure to high levels of air pollution like Port-Harcourt City is currently experiencing can result in;

  • Developmental delay at age three
  • Psychological and behavioral problems later on, including symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety and depression.

Sources of Air Pollution

Common air pollution sources globally are;

  • Burning of fossil fuels
  • Industrial processes fumes from chemical reactions or furnaces.
  • Agriculture activities
  • Waste treatment
  • Natural sources  – volcanic eruptions, sand/dust storms

Major Air Pollution Sources in Port-Harcourt

The major sources of air pollution in Port-Harcourt city, Nigeria are from 

  • Local refining of crude oil (i.e the bunkery business) and 
  • Gas flaring operations by Oil & Gas Companies
  • Open air furnaces

Recently the biggest contributor to air pollution has been the proliferation of local crude oil refining activities. This process of refining crude oil locally is highly inefficient and therefore produces a lot of air, water and land pollutants.

Illegal Crude Oil Refining Sites - Air Pollution in Port-Harcourt Nigeria
Illegal Crude Oil Refining Sites - Air Pollution in Port-Harcourt Nigeria

Major Air Pollutants from Local Crude Oil Refining

The method of locally refining the crude oil uses open fire boiler tanks, with fires are ignited by burning wood and pouring of crude oil directly. This process of burning (igniting) crude oil to create a fire for the boiler furnaces, produces smoke plume which contains pollutants like;

  • Soot (elemental carbon)
  • Wide range of condensed organic compounds, (including Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), Benzo(a)pyrene)
  • Sulfates(-S04)
  • CO2
  • CO, 
  • NOX, 
  • SO2
  • Secondary pollutants (such as Ozone, O3) may also be produced by chemical reactions within the smoke plume.

Why is Port-Harcourt City is Experiencing Air Pollution

Rivers State currently houses over 87% of all local crude oil refining (illegal) sites in Nigeria’s Niger-Delta Region, majority of these sites are located south-west of Port-Harcourt City. Most of the illegal crude oil refining sites are within a distance of 23km to 54km from Port-Harcourt City.

Therefore whenever the artisans are boiling the illegally acquired crude oil using fires ignited with crude oil, and there is a South or South-West wind blowing, the air pollutants from the each boilers fire starts accumulating at 300m – 400m above sea-level, and then travels downwind towards Port-Harcourt City, thus poisoning the air of the people in Port-Harcourt city.

A total of 439 local crude oil refining locations were identified using remote-sensing and satellite imagery, 380 of them are located mainly in the South West of Rivers State, within 23km-54km, SW from Port-Harcourt City as can be seen in Map 1 and Map 2 below.

Illegal Crude Oil Refining Sites - Air Pollution in Port-Harcourt Nigeria
Map 1 : Terrain Imagery, all point indicating identified locations of Local Crude Oil Refining Sites
Illegal Crude Oil Refining Sites - Air Pollution in Port-Harcourt Nigeria
Map 2 : Satellite Imagery, all point indicating identified locations of Local Crude Oil Refining Sites (Click to View Interactive Map)

An Experiment : The Environmental Effects of Burning Crude Oil

The results from a controlled scientific experiment that was carried out from burns of crude oil offshore of St. Johns, Newfoundland during the Newfoundland Offshore Burn Experiment (NOBE), showed that 

  • The smoke plumes from the burns initially rose 200-400 m into the air and then continued to rise and disperse laterally downwind(i.e in the direction of wind). 
  • High particulate matter concentrations were not measured at sea level, since the smoke plume rose quickly to the upper part of the boundary layer (-300-500 m ASL)
  • The concentrations of accumulation-mode particles in the smoke were -45,000 cm-3 at 1.5 km from the fires, and they remained as high as -4,000 cm-3 after an hour or more of travel time downwind(i.e in the direction of wind). 
  • Total particle mass loadings in the plumes were over 1000 ug/m3 near the fires, but decreased to ~100-ug/m3 at 25 km downwind(i.e in the direction of wind). Note: PM 2.5 at concentration of 100 ug/m3 is 20 times above WHO standards and therefore harmful to the health.
  • For each kilogram of fuel consumed,
    • ~770 g of carbon was released in the form of CO2, 
    • ~13 g of carbon as CO, 
    • ~5 g as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and 
    • ~87 gas particles with diameters <3.5 um, of which ~66 g was elemental carbon(soot) and ~7g condensed organic carbon. 
    • Also, ~3g of SO2 was released per kilogram of fuel burned. 
    • A relatively low combustion efficiency was indicated by the average molar ratio of the concentration of CO to excess CO2 of 0.017. 
    • The molar ratio of NOX to excess CO2 typically varied from 0.3 x 103 to 0.4 x 10-3, implying little fixation of atmospheric nitrogen and low concentrations of NOX.
    • For comparison, the total smoke particle production rate in the NOBE burns was about the same as that for a Nine-acre slash and burn of farming.

Another Study : The Concentration of Noxious Gases Inside and Outside Residential Apartments Across Different Settlements in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Nigeria

The results from the study (source) suggested that 

  • Concentrations of NO2 and SO2 were higher than the WHO limit, while CO, CH4, NH, and O3 were below the WHO limit. 
  • The order of concentration is CO > SO2 > NO2 > CH4 > NH4 > O3.
  • CO concentration was highest in the morning, while NO2 and SO2 concentrations were highest in the evening. 
  • In the dry season CH4, NH4, NO2, and SO2 is higher, while CO concentration is higher during the wet season. 
  • Pollutant levels should be regularly monitored to help provide exposure advisory to city dwellers on the impact of atmospheric pollution on their health.

Air Quality Monitoring for Port-Harcourt

Monitoring your air quality daily helps you make decisions on when to wear your face mask. This might the the only saving solution for you, and your children, until the Government can act to stop the air pollution caused by illegal oil refining in Rivers State.

Here are links to a few website you can visit to monitor the quality in Port-Harcourt

Air Quality Index - AQI - Air Pollution in Port-Harcourt Nigeria

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  2. Air Pollution – Britannia
  3. Explore search interest for Air Pollution, Soot, Air Quality by time, location and popularity on Google Trends – Nigeria
  4. Explore search interest for Air Pollution, Soot, Air Quality by time, location and popularity on Google Trends – Worldwide
  5. What are the WHO Air quality guidelines?
  6. Is air pollution causing us to lose our sense of smell?
  7. Air Pollution and Stroke – National Institute of Health(NIH)
  8. Air pollutants are emitted from man made and natural sources – European Environment Agency.
  9. A Model for Forecasting Air Quality Index in Port Harcourt Nigeria Using Bi-LSTM Algorithm
  10. Particle and Gas Emissions from an In Situ Burn of Crude Oil on the Ocean
  11. Illegal Artisanal Oil Refining in the Niger Delta – PIND’s Conflict Briefing: May 2022
  12. WHO Air Quality Guidelines should be used to set air pollution reduction targets in our cities
  13. Air Pollution Data Portal – The Global Health Observatory – Explore a world of health data – WHO
  14. Air Quality Database – WHO

Flood in Nigeria

Flood in Nigeria

Flood in Nigeria (#NigeriaFloods) has raised so many controversies on the source of water that is causing it. Many have attributed the source of flood water in Nigeria to the overflow from Lagdo Dam in Cameroon, but in reality there are multiple sources of water that can cause flooding. Amongst all the sources, high rainfall and climate change has contributed the most to the flooding that Nigeria is experiencing at the moment. The last time Nigeria experienced this much flooding was in 2012, now in 2022 (10 years later) we have something worst, who knows what will happen in 2032.

Flood Sources

Flood water sources may arise from multiple sources

  • Heavy Rains (300 mm and above)
  • Overflowing Rivers
  • Broken Dams
  • Urban Drainage Basins
  • Storm Surges and Tsunamis
  • Channels with Steep Sides
  • A Lack of Vegetation
  • Melting Snow and Ice

Map of Flooded Locations in Nigeria

*Bookmark and always visit this page for updated map and data.

Effects of Flooding in Nigeria

Flooding has so many negative socioeconomic side effects some of which may include

  • Loss of lives, properties and livelihoods
  • Health hazards like spread of Cholera, Malaria, Typhoid, Malnutrition
  • Limited access social amenities for health, education, roads
  • Damaged several residential and public structures such as schools.
  • Reduction in productivity and increase poverty
  • Loss of agricultural land, products and decreased food supply
  • Increased crime, social inequity and even social unrest
  • Reptiles, such as snakes and crocodiles, invading communities

Flood Prone Hotspots Predictions for Nigeria

Places Associated or Affected by Flooding in Nigeria

Lagdo Dam Cameroon, Dasin Hausa Dam, Adamawa, Mambila Plateau Taraba, Taraba, Jos, Plateau Hills, Plateau, Jigawa, Yobe, Borno, Nassarawa, Kogi, Benue, Delta, Bayelsa, Imo, Rivers, Cross Rivers, Anambra, Kastina, Akwa-Ibom, Edo, Kebbi, Lagos, Oyo, Dadin Kowa Dam, Gombe Kiri Dam, Adamawa Tiga Dam, Kano.

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  • Flooding in nigeria today
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  • Flood in lokoja
  • Cause of floods in nigeria 2022
  • Lagdo dam
  • What causes floods in nigeria
  • Cameroon dam causing flood in nigeria

How to Count Houses on Map.

How to Count Houses on Map

How to Count Houses on Map. Counting houses using digital maps allows us to easily make estimations for business case analysis, other humanitarian and social uses cases that require its application. We need to know how to quickly count houses or buildings on a map.

The ability to counts buildings across Africa or other natural disaster zones is useful to be able to assess the number of buildings or households affected. To be able to estimate the humanitarian services requirements and level of demand for social amenities.

Free Digital Maps to Count Houses 

Techniques and Technologies

  • Open Building ( you can Explore, FAQ, Data format, Download)
  • OpenStreetMap(OSM) data from Python and Overpass Turbo API
    • Using Overpass Turbo ( Challenges In Africa – This map intentionally left blank, (received empty dataset))
    • Using Python library called overpy that allows executing Overpass queries from Python
  • Satellite imagery (high resolution households) and use a Computer Vision(CV) algorithm to count the houses.

Counting Houses or Building on Satellite Imagery

Use-case: Counting Buildings in an Area Using Overpass Turbo

  • Overpass Turbo API uses OSM stored data for analysis
  • The OSM stored data is encoded as elements on their maps and expressed using a collection of points, each one with a single latitude and longitude;
    • Nodes are individual points generally used to mark places such as individual shops.
    • Ways are sets of points that describe shapes of buildings, roads etc. it is generally an in depth distinguishing description of node points.
  • To start the analysis process with, we only need two details: location and radius.
    • Location is expressed in geographic coordinates, namely latitude and longitude
    • In case you start with an address or a name of a place, you’ll need to perform a process called geocoding first, i.e. changing it to geographic coordinates.
  • We will generally be interested in nodes (especially with tags) rather than ways because nodes are usually enough when it comes to counting buildings.
  • Counting by category: you can also count by categories using Map Features which are identified as;
    • Categories (keys) and sub-categories (values) and using them we can filter the nodes based on which buildings we’re interested in 
    • Examples; building = retail’, ‘building = supermarket’ , ‘healthcare = pharmacy’, “amenity”=”restaurant”

Noteworthy for Africa on How to Count Houses on Map:

  • Limitation for Africa : Insufficient or no well defined data about their cities, nodes and ways points.
  • Counting of houses in most African regions is almost impossible because building or house node data has not been geocoded on Open Street Map (OSM).

Overpass API vs Google Maps Places API (Nearby Search Request)

  • Google API it’s paid (Overpass API is completely free)
  • it only supports very few categories of places, significantly less than Overpass (it can be partially solved by using correct keywords), 
  • it only returns up to 60 results (spread across several pages), which frequently is way too few to count all relevant places.

How to Count Houses on Map: Example Using Overpass Turbo Web App (View Link)

How to Count Houses on Map
How to Count Houses on Map

Example of Overpass Turbo Query Code

This has been generated by the overpass-turbo wizard.
The original search was:
// gather results
  // query part for: “building=house”
// print results
out body;
out skel qt;

Google Earth Engine 

  • Earth Engine GCP
    • A planetary-scale platform for Earth science data & analysis. Geospatial data processing and analysis platform. Powered by Google’s cloud infrastructure.
    • Google Earth Engine combines a multi-petabyte catalog of satellite imagery and geospatial datasets with planetary-scale analysis capabilities. 
    • Scientists, researchers, and developers use Earth Engine to detect changes, map trends, and quantify differences on the Earth’s surface. 
    • It involves satellite imagery, your algorithms and real world applications or use cases
    • Earth Engine is now available for commercial use, and remains free for academic and research use. 
    • Meet Earth Engine (Watch Now) 

Insights for a more sustainable world, powered by Earth Engine.

Understand and tackle critical sustainability and climate issues such as deforestation, water management and sustainable land use.

Our Interest in Google Earth EngineDo some house counts to get to understand social amenities resource demands, get to familiarize with the possibilities of how to use it for knowledge discovery and content related to earth science, as well as data analytics projects for good in my community. Also teach others about its usefulness to research.

Notes On Solutions and Limitations

  • The OpenStreetMap solution did not work because we have mostly unstructured data representations of Africa on the map. (Tool Guide)
  • Estimating Number of Houses – A better metric is the number of households that can afford your service/product at a price point and statistical distribution. You could ballpark your number by taking population density and dividing it by average household size to get an estimate of households per area and then divide by area of interest.( Source )
  • Download high resolution households satellite imagery and use a Computer Vision(CV) algorithm to count the houses.

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Port-Harcourt Startup Innovation Seefinish

Port Harcourt Startup Innovation Ecosystem Tour Hangout

Port Harcourt Startup & Innovation Tour / Hangout was a 2 day event to understand, as well as bolster the Port Harcourt innovation ecosystem. The organizers engaged with innovation hubs, work spaces, investors, startups, programmers, media brands, digital marketing brands, technologist, entrepreneurs, business owners, as well as mentees and mentors. The main organizers were StartupSouth and Afrilabs.

Port Harcourt Startup Event Activities

The Port-Harcourt Startup event hosted a series of activities which were both educating and engaging. The main activities were:

  • Port-Harcourt Innovation Ecosystem Tour
  • Hub Leaders Seminar (Starting and Running a Sustainable Innovation Hub) : Watch on Youtube
  • Port-Harcourt Startup and Innovation Hangout

Events Partners

The main events partners amongst the many other associate business and startup brands that attended the event includes;

Innovation Hubs Visited in Port-Harcourt

Watch YouTube Videos of Innovation Hub Tour

Main Speakers / Personalities :

  • Anna Ekeledo (Exec. Dir. AfriLabs)
  • Ikechukwu Uche (SSEAN Investor)
  • Uki Asemota-Osifo (Regional Lead Digiclan)
  • Uche Aniche ( Convener #StartupSouth )


The Port Harcourt Startup Innovation Ecosystem Hub Tour and Hangout thought stakeholders that hubs have to be domain specific in other to create value for the kind of target clients or investors expected.

(Watch on YouTube – Hub 101: Starting And Running A Innovation Hub).

Noteworthy Keys to Building a Startup or Innovation Hub;

  • Develop on “Ideas” that solves a niche problem and can scale fast.
  • Startups are innovative solution providers that develop products or services to solve a problem and scale fast to attract investors looking for quick win businesses.
  • Incubation Hubs are where to go to for mentorship and guidance on how to build on your startup business ideas.
  • Innovation Hubs creates workspace and conducive ecosystem to interaction with like minds
  • Angel Investors
  • Mentor-Angel Investors
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Communities for Collaboration
  • Hub Leaders or Managers

There is an investment opportunity for everyone, take your pick and contribute to society as an advocate, a social entrepreneur or a capital gains investor.

Top 5 Factors that Make Startup Succeed (IdeaLab)

  • Ideas (28%)
  • Team / Execution (32%)
  • Business Model ( generate customer revenue) (24%)
  • Funding (14%)
  • Timing (42%) – are consumers really ready for what you are offering

The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross (Watch on YouTube)

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Taylor Price got her inspiration from Ikigai Philosophy

Taylor Price got her inspiration from Ikigai Philosophy

Taylor Price got her inspiration from Ikigai Philosophy, makes $33,000 per Month

A 20-year-old TikToker earning $33,000 a month explains how she got her start as a money influencer. She got her inspiration from Ikigai Philosophy. Taylor Price makes her money actively sharing financial knowledge, teaching it to Gen Z after learning about personal finance, and then began implementing it. “Taylor Price got inspiration from Ikigai“, what pillars make up the Ikigai of life?.

Taylor Price inspiration from “Ikigai Philosophy, thought her about the four pillars of a fulfilling life:

  1. Do what you’re actually good at;
  2. Do what you can get paid for;
  3. Do what the community actually needs today; and
  4. Do what you actually love.

She shares financial knowledge lessons and information on her TikTok account.

As her follower base grew, she was ready to leverage sponsorships and partnerships with other companies. She also consults for brands on values that are important to Gen Z. She does all of this through her personal brand, Taylor Price LLC, which now generates about $13,000 a month, consistent with financial documents from the primary quarter of 2021, with another $200,000 in contracts secured for the rest of the year, consistent with records viewed by Insider.

She makes extra cash doing side jobs on Fiverr. Price generates about $1,000 a month writing content, blogs, and sales copy.

Read the original article on Business Insider

Tags : #money #inspiration #motivation #success #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #startup #leadership #community #love

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NDDC, Niger Delta Development Agency Probe

NDDC Probe – Niger Delta Development Agency

NDDC, Niger Delta Development Agency Probe

The National Assembly (NASS) yesterday passed a resolution to investigate alleged corruption and mismanagement of public funds in the NDDC, Niger Delta Development Agency Probe.

Highlights of Today: NDDC Niger Delta Probe

Mr. Daniel Pondei – Ag MD, NDDC Fainted

Godswill Akpabio – Minister of Niger Delta Affairs Exposes NASS Members as Beneficiaries of Looted Money

The Senate passed the resolution to investigate how N40 billion was spent on the IMC in three months, after debating a motion supported by Senator Yemi Osinbajo, chairman of the Senate Committee on Niger Delta Affairs. This was announced by AKINOLA Bashiru, speaker of the Ninth Senate, in a statement from his office in Abuja. The Senate also ordered Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, who chairs the Niger Delta Affairs Committee, to spend a month investigating the NDDC’s management of public funds in the development of its projects.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Bashiru added that the commission should submit to the Anti-Transplant Authority a list of all financial transactions by the DDA and its subsidiaries for investigation. He pledged to close the ongoing investigation into his Commission’s financial transactions.

More recently, the NDDC corruption scandal has been embroiled in an ongoing battle between individuals and groups accusing the Interim Administration Committee of misappropriating funds for development projects in various ways. Last week, a group of former DDA board members and other interest groups wrote an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari urging him to use his leadership to urgently establish a presidential investigative panel to investigate the National Development Commission’s alleged misappropriation of public funds.

The agency is alleged to have illegally spent $81.5 billion on travel, condolence, counseling, and public communications between January and July 2020. This includes buying a private jet, a hotel, and a luxury car, according to the letter.

The NDDC leadership said the Senate inquiry was instigated by people who wanted to thwart the commission’s planned forensic examination. She added that witnesses and whistleblowers should be protected and the findings of the investigation made public and that the alleged perpetrators should be handed over to the appropriate anti-corruption authority if relevant and admissible evidence is available. The organization also called for all those involved in the allegations to be suspended immediately pending the outcome of such an investigation.

Three days ago, the NDDC issued a shocking statement implicating the former Delta State Governor, Abubakar Nwaoboshi of the Delta North PDP. Backed by the chairman of the board, Senator Godswill Akpabio, and other senators, she accused the Senate of corruption and inappropriate interference in the work of her commission. In the statement, Charles Odili, a spokesman for NDDC, said: “Mr. Nwaoboshi of Delta North has used 11 companies to secure his position as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CFO) of a number of companies.

On Monday, the governor of the Niger Delta, Abubakar Nwaoboshi, and other members of his PDP party distanced themselves from the charge that he was being investigated to investigate the agency.

President Muhammadu Buhari said the investigation was necessary after a public complaint against the Intervention Authority. It has the full support of the Niger Delta Development Authority (NDDA) and other actors in the region.

The governors of Akwa Ibom and Imo, Delta have distanced themselves from the accusations made against them by the governors of the Niger Delta region. The NDDC claimed that the governor of the Niger Delta had opened the investigation and was planning to kidnap the commission. The governor of Abia state, Emmanuel Uduaghan, the head of the executive, called the claim that he wanted to control the agency “baseless and unfounded.”

Imo State Governor Emeka Ihedioha, speaking for himself, said the decision to launch a forensic investigation into the agency was not a matter for the Federal government, as the governors could not tell the president what to do. The governor of the Delta State, Ifeanyi Okowa, spoke on behalf of his state that “the president does not need the permission of a governor in the Niger Delta to lead the NDDC probe.

He urged President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently set up a presidential commission of inquiry to investigate the alleged embezzlement of Niger dollars worth N81.5 billion by the Niger Delta Development Commission. SERAP specifically called for an investigation into whether the agency illegally spent N82.7 billion between January and July 2020 on travel, condolence, counseling and public communications, and $5 billion on travel. Although the president has allegedly received more than NN 1.2 billion in bribes and other forms of financial support over the past five years, it has been suggested that the federal government is likely to lack interest in answering questions from members of the Delta Development Commission about the misuse of its funds.

The organization, which sent the appeal to Buhari in a letter dated July 18, asked the president to suspend the minister of Niger Delta affairs, Muhammadu Bahari, immediately, and the 42 names were sent by President Muhammadu Bahari to Senate President Ahmad Lawan, who read the letter to him last week.

People of Interest

  • Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio, CON – Minister of Niger Delta Affairs
  • Mr. Daniel Pondei – Acting Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)
  • Joy Nunieh
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Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Has Resigned

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Has Resigned

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Has Resigned [Full Video]

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Has Resigned from the Reddit board. Alexis Ohanian who is also Serena Williams’ husband announced his resignation from the board of Reddit and asked that he be replaced with a black candidate.

His actions are in support and solidarity with the global #BlackLivesMatter protest to “end police brutality” and “racism” in the United States. The protest which started after another black man George Floyd was murdered by American policemen through suffocation.

We at Seefinish Insights say thank you for your support in driving global change.

EndPoliceBrutality #EndRacism

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Resignation Speech

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Digital Content Marketing Laws for Nigeria

Digital Content Marketing Laws for Nigeria

The EU has approved digital content marketing laws that will affect Nigeria. Content creators and marketing agencies need to know these laws.

The internet market has gradually become the de facto channel for the usual brick and mortar daily human activities of interactions, business operations, and information resource sharing. Now governments of different nations have identified the need to provide regulatory laws to assert control, eat a piece of financial cake, as well keep the peace.  Some of the regulatory laws are;

The need to be informed about these laws in Nigeria is paramount. If you intend to get involved in international business relations, in other to avoid unnecessary flaunting of laws that might get you sanctions and penalties.

What does EU Article 17 mean for content marketing?

The EU Article 17 Law (formerly Article 13 while as a draft document) has been approved.

We have here some quick tips for consideration by Nigerian content marketers, content creators, Vloggers, Bloggers and Influencers in the digital creative space. They need to know how these laws will affect their operations.

This means that sites hosting user-generated content, like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and so on, will be responsible for copyrighted material that is shared illegally on their platforms. Therefore these sites will soon state implementing sophisticated content upload filters made easy by artificial intelligence technology.

The will be strong restrictions on content uploads and would severely affect users’ freedom.

Digital marketer crossing international boundaries with global brands will need to ensure that they are aware of the cultural and legal barriers of communicating in that market.

Creating Original Content:

The only way to succeed with content campaigns will be to ensure we continue to create original content for our brands and clients.

While some businesses may be getting away with posting copycat content today, it’s likely that this will get harder to pull off. The positive thing about this being that only truly great content will prevail.

This will raise the bar, ensuring that brand marketing is the best it can be, which is great news.

Social media marketers in Nigeria will need to keep a constant eye on any changes announced by social networks that will impact the reach of our work.

Being up-to-date on the latest platform filters, while working with influencers to develop co-branded content, that maintains originality.

The law will “in no way affect legitimate uses” of online content-sharing services, and people will be allowed to use bits of copyright-protected material for the purpose of criticism, review, parody and pastiche.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individual citizens of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA).

It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas.

The GDPR aims primarily to give control to individuals over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU (Wikipedia).

UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said: “The GDPR makes it clear that organizations must be accountable for the personal data they hold. This can include carrying out proper due diligence when making a corporate acquisition, and putting in place proper accountability measures to assess not only what personal data has been acquired, but also how it is protected.

“Personal data has a real value so organisations have a legal duty to ensure its security, just like they would do with any other asset. If that doesn’t happen, we will not hesitate to take strong action when necessary to protect the rights of the public.”

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Twitter Error Flags-This request looks like it might be automated Error

Twitter error flags message, “this request looks like it might be automated error”. Twitter flags a website link as unsafe in order to make Twitter more secure. This prevents phishing and scams attacks and thus enforcing proper Terms of Service. In certain circumstances, Twitter may block the posting of potentially unsafe website links. This malicious links are idenified, through Twitter’s collaboration with various external partners like Google Safe Browsing to evaluate links and determine whether or not they are safe.

Why is My website is being flagged as unsafe on Twitter?

This keep the Twitter users and communities safe from hackers, identity theft through spear phishing attacks. It also uses this mechanism to curb the spread for malwares and spywares.

Twitter link posting error notification, which alerts you during content posting that, this request looks like it might be automated is as shown in the image above.

If you have ever tried tweeting content with a URL link and got the following error notification? That the request looks like it might be automated.

This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can’t complete this action right now. Please try again later.

Error notification from Twitter.

Your website might have been flagged as unsafe, contact Twitter Support for help as fast a possible, in order to avoid losing traffic to websites or external contents links.

The solution to resolving the Twitter unsafe error alert notification, which says “this request looks like it might be automated Error” is as follows in steps below.

Steps to follow in resolving your content tweeting dilemma

  1. Verify your website URL Link is safe or identify the reason for unsafe flagging by pasting URL in Google transparency report for Safe Browsing site status check tool (Click).
  2. Log in to your Twitter Account the requires fix
  3. You can contact the Twitter Support team by filing a case here(Click).
  4. Visit Twitter help center –

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