Job Search Trends in Nigeria

Job Search Trends in Nigeria

We are providing knowledge for Job seekers and content creators searching for exclusive job-related content on vacancies and trends in Nigeria. The Knowledge of the Nigerian online job search trends and employment statistics will provide understanding into the direction of the Nigerian economy. The available human capital continues to search on the internet for employment into open job vacancies.

Job Vacancies, Search Trends, Employment Statistics in Nigeria.

The Google trends for search term “Job” or “Jobs” emanating from Nigeria can be seen and studied by interacting with the dashboard below.

Search Job Sites Unemployment Rate

12 Months Google Search Trends for keywords – Job and Jobs

1 Months of Google Search Trends for keywords – Job and Jobs

7 Days of Google Search Trends for keywords – Job and Jobs

1 Day of Google Search Trends for keywords – Job and Jobs

Nigeria Unemployment Rate

Unemployment refers to the share of the labor force that is without work but available for and seeking employment.


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100 Cryptocurrencies for Nigeria

Top 100 Cryptocurrencies by Market Capitalization for Nigeria

Investing in cryptocurrencies is very tricky in Nigeria, choosing from the list of first 100 cryptocurrencies for Nigeria might just be the best option . The cryptocurrency market is not fully regulated and most people still do not have an idea on the value of digital assets. This is unlike other know assets or commodities like Crude Oil, Gold, Diamond, Real Estate, Equity, Stocks and all others.

The easiest way to make a pick is to invest in cryptocurrencies that have higher Market Capitalization in comparison to 24 hour Trade Volumes and Percentage Changes.

CNBC List Google Trends Best 100 Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Choice Options from CNBC List

Nigeria. Past 90 days. Web Search.

Worldwide. Past 90 days. Web Search.

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Data Visualisation Dashboards for Storytelling

The Seefinish Insights data visualisation dashboards incorporate data storytelling methodologies to display and give insights for decision making. it allows for a more objective view during discussions and debates.

It is focused on the Nigerian market data storytelling, serving as data reporting documents for a better understanding of data and presentations during stakeholder engagement forums.

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Nigeria Economic Indicators

Nigeria Economic Indicators is a data visualization dashboard presented by Seefinish Insights. It tries to highlight the key performance of the economy on a macro and micro scale. The indicators are as follows;

  • National Budget
  • Population
  • GDP
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Export/Import Commodities ( Summation of Crude Oil, AGO, APK etc )
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • Nigeria Stock Exchange Indices

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Air Quality Pollution Port-Harcourt

Air Quality Pollution in Port Harcourt

Air quality pollution Port-Harcourt, fill the air pollution complaint form, let us know your location and experience.

Fill Port Harcourt Air Pollution Complaint Form

Air Quality Index for Port Harcourt

The air pollution monitoring dashboard for Port Harcourt, reports the Air Quality Index (AQI) values. These AQI values are calculated from data aggregated and analyzed by sensors in AirVisual devices;

IQAir-AirVisual Quality Monitoring device.

Air Pollution Complaint Location in Port-Harcourt

Air Pollution Complaint, Mapping and Safety Alerts

To protect yourself against the hazards of air pollution, always keep your window closed, use air purifiers, and wear a face mask.

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Nigerian Consumers Spending

Nigerian Consumers Spending

The Nigerian consumers spending, just like in any other economy, can be an indicator of increasing or decreasing wealth of the economy. If people have more disposable funds, they may end up spending on thinks they don’t necessarily need.

  • Foreign Exchange (NGN/USD, NGN/GDP, NGN/EUR, NGN/JYN, NGN/CNY)
  • CBN Interest Rates ( Factor for lending to the real sector of economy)
  • Foreign Reserve
  • CPI
  • Imports
  • Local Manufacturers

Foreign Exchange – NGN/USD

Central Bank of Nigeria – Interest Rates

CBN Interest Rates Data Source

Foreign Reserves

Foreign Reserve Data Source