Investment Opportunities in Nigeria for Short term ROI

Why you should consider investment opportunities

Investments List

The 4 Elements of Cashflow Quadrant

Investment Sectors in Nigeria for Passive Income Generation

List of Investment Businesses in Nigeria

Letting your money work for you while waiting for your ROI maturity requires little or no skills.

Economic SectorsInvestment CompanyWebsite
AgricultureDeal Agric
AgricultureCorporate Farmers International (CFIL)
AgricultureAgropartnerships Technology Ltd. A Farmforte Subsidiary
AgricultureFarm Funded
AgricultureMenorah Farms
Agriculturewinich farms
AgricultureChubi Agro
AgricultureThrive Agric
AgricultureHastom Nigeria
AgricultureFarm Agric
AgriculturePork Money
AgricultureGreen Eagles Agribusiness Solutions Ltd – Naija Rice Project
FinancePiggyVest (formerly
FinanceMoney Africa
FinanceALAT By Wema
FinanceCarbon (Paylater) powered by OneFi
Finance Aella Credit
Finance Sumo Bank
Real Estate AbitCrowd

Trading Investment Opportunities for Gig Investors

Investments that require you to work, by putting in time and money for your ROI requires training and skills. Some examples include trading on FX, Cryptocurrencies, Digital Assets, Stocks, and other commodities on a daily or monthly time interval.

Summarily: Some of the other trading and investment opportunities that exist in Nigeria includes; Gold, Real estate, Agriculture, Livestock farming, Pure water production, Oil and Gas Business, Haulage Services / Logistics, Internet Marketing, Fashion Design, Media and Events, Mini-importation, Hedge Funds, Insurance, General Buying and Selling, Agent Services, Bulk Distributorship, Mini Importation.

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