Nigeria National Elections 2023

Nigeria National Elections 2023, explore live update on what’s happening in Nigeria, as Nigerians decide their future, and leadership. The results shown here are from the INEC National Collation Center Updates in FCT Abuja, Nigeria.

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Critical Challenges Faced in Nigeria Elections 2023

The 2023 Presidential election was not appropriately conducted with INEC not keeping to it’s earlier stated procedures for the conducting the Nigerian elections 2023. Some may say INEC Chairman is compromised, maybe he has taken a bribe or he is just emotionally attach to the APC political party.

As observed from data on the internet, especially Twitter and International election observers resource materials, some of the challenges experienced include;

  • INEC Server was inaccessible for direct upload of results from polling units for observers and electorates to monitor the result in real-time, like in every other advanced country.
  • Voters suppression at polling units, especially on the opposition parties of APC. There were even tribal suppression, especially of the Igbos tribe in Nigeria
  • Rigging of elections results were done by changing ballot counted figures that were originally written on the EC8 forms to totally different result counts.
  • Ballot boxes and polling unit destruction by thugs, in an organized and target manner as directed by their political criminal barons.
  • The police and army either stood aside or protected thugs while the carried orders of ballot box destruction, seizure and burning of ballot papers.

All the Nigerian poor masses needed was a free and fair elections, as promised by the INEC Chairman, but he and his colleagues failed. They failed Nigerians and selected a Presidential candidate who was not accepted by the masses, and who was no capable of winning in a free and fair elections.

Injustice and unfairness breeds bad governments and chaos, the people of Nigeria worry that a civil protest or civil war may ensue in time to come, as injustice continues in the Nation. The opposing parties have decided to go to court, but the people doubt if there is any justice in Nigerian courts.

Nigeria National Elections 2023

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