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Headline : The biggest myth about TikTok for musicians

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Many major-label artists understand the power of TikTok as a music-marketing tool. In fact, some major acts even sought creative workarounds to get tracks back onto TikTok after their music was removed.

In contrast, countless independent musicians seem to have the opposite problem. Their music IS easily available on TikTok, but thereโ€™s something else holding them back.

Whatโ€™s preventing those artists from reaching new fans on TikTok? Is it skill issues? Lack of gear? Ideas that donโ€™t translate into viral videos? Probably not, actually! Most of us know how to frame a shot, hold a smartphone, and capture something that belongs on social.

No, what holds so many musicians back is something (thankfully)ย thatโ€™s easy to solve. We just need to STOP believing the most damaging myth about TikTok.

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