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Headline : Episode 269: Danny Brown

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Danny Brown started his career in 2007 by handing out mixtapes in Detroit, where heโ€™s from. In 2011, he put out his acclaimed second album, XXX. Since then, heโ€™s collaborated with rappers like Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky and JPEGMafia, but heโ€™s also worked with electronic bands like Purity Ring and The Avalanches, and he did a verse on a remix for Korn.

When I first heard him, around when XXX came out, I was really drawn to his voice. And I also appreciated that, given how young so many artists are now when they get really famous, Danny Brownโ€™s career really started taking off in his 30s. He put out his sixth album, Quaranta, in 2023. And for this episode, I talked to him about one of the songs from that album, called โ€œY.B.P.,โ€ which features guest vocals from Bruiser Wolf.

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