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Headline : Q%26amp;A with ethereal beatmaker, Jesse Kendal

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We sat down with Jesse Kendal, a versatile musician and producer who dropped his latest single โ€˜Little Bloom/ Northern Lightโ€™ on March 20th via [BIOS]. Praised by CLASH Magazine and BBC Radio 6, the track blends electronic and acoustic elements, evoking comparisons to artists like Tourist, Bonobo, and Tycho. Previously known as Kendal since 2017, his work has amassed over 16 million streams across different platforms. From his home studio in Melbourne, Australia, Kendal aspires to create an emotional resonance within his music that fosters a sense of connection and healing. Influenced by the likes of Nils Frahm, George FitzGerald and Stimming, his sound will be enjoyed by fans of PALLADIAN, KOSCO and Mellowdine.

โ€˜Little Bloom/Northern Lightโ€™ is an exquisitely ethereal song, transporting the listener to faraway dreamscapes that feel warm and vast. Listen to the track and read our interview with Jesse below.ย 

A career in music never really felt like a decision for me; as I reflect on my life and journey so far, I believe I was always heading in this direction. My relationship with music and everything that comprises what music is (tone, timbre, rhythm, melody, story, etc.) is what helped me connect with a side of myself that got me through a rough childhood. It has become an essential medium of self-expression for me. I canโ€™t imagine a life where I am not creating music.

Which comes first when youโ€™re producing โ€“ the sound or the idea?

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