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Headline : Best Reggae Producers: 10 Pioneers Of Jamaica’s Musical Legacy

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The best reggae producers pioneered new sounds and recording techniques. They also ensured that Jamaica was recognized as a country capable of creating worldwide stars. From helping to sow the seeds of hip-hop to ushering in the “version,” or creating utterly unique music that couldn’t have been made by anyone else, in any other place, the best reggae producers deserve to be held up alongside any other sonic innovators in musical history.

Here are the best reggae producers of all time.

The quintessential sound man turned producer, Duke Reid started his working career as a policeman in Kingston before moving into music and working his way towards becoming one of the world’s best reggae producers: clearly, he was tough enough to handle whatever the reggae business threw at him. After leaving the cops, Reid and his wife ran a liquor store, Treasure Isle, while he pursued his passion of running a sound system from the mid-50s onwards. His system, Duke Reid The Trojan, was well funded, so it was powerful, and Reid would go to America to buy R&B tunes that his rivals had never heard of, putting him at the forefront of his new trade.

When the R&B sound began to smooth off into soul in the late 50s, Duke made his own records, launching the Treasure Isle label, in a style that he knew the followers of his sound would like. He then opened a recording studio on the same premises as his liquor store, keeping the musicians happy with modest amounts of the shop’s product. Reid liked his music to groove, be well-arranged, and melodic. He employed guitarist Lyn Taitt and saxman Tommy McCook to run auditions and arrange material, and recording engineer Byron Smith kept the sound tight, bright, and right.

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