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Headline : His Galaxy Wolf Art Kept Getting Ripped Off. So He Sued—and Bought a Home

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It took Berlin artist Jonas Jödicke only a few hours to create the artwork that would change his life. He didn’t know it then, of course. He didn’t even know whether he wanted to post it online. “It was really just a test,” Jödicke says. It was a painting, made in Photoshop, of a wolf’s head crowned in stars, with one side the shade of the summer sky at dusk and the other pale blue, the kind of thing you’d see on a fantasy-loving goth kid’s T-shirt. “I just wanted to put my own spin on [the trend].”

There were galaxy wolves before Jödicke’s, but if you were online in the mid-2010s, Where Light and Dark Meet is the one you remember. People printed it on hoodies, sold it on mugs, pencil cases, even toilet seats. His sister’s partner found it hanging over his bed in a German hotel room, Jödicke says. “Another friend of mine went to Vietnam and in a hotel lobby one of my artworks was on the wall—like, really big on the wall!”

Jödicke’s galaxy wolf was everywhere. The kicker: It was all stolen.

Like many artists coming up in the 2010s, Jödicke built his brand online. “Back then, it was like the golden era of social media for artists,” he says, recalling when platforms like DeviantArt and Instagram provided tangible reach and growth. As his following grew into the tens of thousands, eager fans disseminated his art across the web. After Jödicke posted a version of Where Light and Dark Meet on DeviantArt in February 2016, it took off. He wasn’t expecting it to gain so much traction, “but something about it really caught the attention of people and really kind of intrigued them.”

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